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LaunchPad to Your Future

By Dean Stacey Robertson

Welcome to LaunchPad: The Official Blog of the Central Washington University College of Arts and Humanities.

We are excited about our future. We are even more energized about the prospects of our students, who we are empowering to lead enriched, rewarding and meaningful lives.

Upon assuming the position as the Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities, I was struck by the symbolism of the modernistic design of our Music Building, literally pointing upwards to the right, as if launching into space.


Some may not equate Arts and Humanities with innovation and propulsion. But the truth is that our college nurtures individual creativity and inspires intellectual achievement in an environment devoted to lifelong learning. This is the perfect atmosphere for groundbreaking momentum.

Consider our recent Distinguished Alum Bob Dohrmann. The imaginative boldness, intellectual depth, and strong sense of self he developed earning his BA in Art and MFA in Painting and Drawing at CWU helped lead him to a successful professorship at the University of Oklahoma and celebrated exhibitions of his art all over the world. Bob is joined by thousands of other proud College of Arts and Humanities graduates — teachers, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, authors, journalists, politicians, lawyers, doctors, diplomats, and social activists — who rely on their education every single day.


To flourish in our ever-changing, always-on, fragmented, morally challenged, digital world, our students must be skilled in the ability to quickly calibrate difficult concepts, access multiple perspectives, communicate effectively, think creatively, and make ethical decisions.

Some may see Ellensburg as a sleepy college town lying in a beautiful valley immediately east of the Cascades. We envision Ellensburg as a learning center strategically positioned on the edge of the dynamic Pacific Rim. We empower our graduates to contribute to vibrant artistic and cultural communities, to participate in meaningful civic engagement, and to compete in this fast-moving marketplace of products and ideas.


Our Mission; Our Vision

Please take a moment to consider our vision statement:

The College of Arts and Humanities empowers ethically minded students to reach their creative, intellectual, and leadership potential.”

Now contemplate how our mission correlates with our overall objective of assisting students in reaching their full potential.

“Recognized for our unwavering commitment to high quality teaching and learning, the College of Arts and Humanities is at the heart of the success of Central Washington University. Our innovative and dynamic departments and programs challenge our students to build enduring skills for lifelong achievement through an emphasis on creative, analytical, and ethical thinking and communication.

We provide personalized mentorship; an inclusive, diverse, and cross-disciplinary curriculum; opportunities for research, creative activities, and service outside the classroom; and participation in a lively and stimulating community.

As our alumni can affirm, this rich educational environment provides the foundation for a rewarding personal life, a productive career, and a commitment to globally informed civic values.”

We believe our vision and mission promise a bold future for our students, our faculty, and our alums, who are much more than our legacy.

We are advancing. We are preparing and mentoring our students for lifelong learning. We are pioneer teachers, scholars, and artists. We value our pivotal position on the Pacific Rim and our unique point in time.

We are the Launchpad to Your Future.






2 thoughts on “LaunchPad to Your Future”

  1. Looks good! I especially like your statement about our position as a learning center on the edge of the dynamic Pacific Rim, and look forward to partnering across the colleges in this energetic spirit.

    Liked by 1 person

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