Stacey Robertson, PhD ~ Professor of History

Earlier this year, I joined the Central Washington University family as the new dean of the College of Arts and Humanities. My enthusiasm has grown with each passing day, working with our 150 faculty members and 20 staff members in serving our 1,400 undergraduate and 80 graduate students.

We are energized in preparing our students for the challenges they will face upon graduation from Central Washington University. We believe the key to success in this increasingly complex digital “big data” world is lifelong learning, and that precisely is the value of the liberal arts education that we offer.

Ellensburg is a relatively short trip over the Cascades to one of America’s most vibrant, diverse and successful economies: The Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area. We are also strategically situated on the precipice of the dynamic Pacific Rim. Our responsibility as educators is to prepare our students with the critical thinking, reading, communication and ethical reasoning skills – in as many languages as possible – to succeed in these environments. We also value the input of our alumni to provide advice, wisdom and meaningful job opportunities to our students.

Our mission is to cultivate the imagination, the mind and the heart of every student throughout our college and university.

We invite you take a tour through our website and provide us with your feedback.

Thank you!
 Stacey Robertson


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